What do users of GlobalPodium say?

“Excellent two days. Many thanks – I am a new fan of webinars!!”

“Overall, the webcast approach has been really successful for me…”

“Never done training this way before – it has exceeded my expectations I have learned lots and it has been much more constructive than I had anticipated – works for me!”

“First experience of webcast training and think it is brilliant!”

“Yes, brilliant day. Let’s have more webcast training.”


“Great day, not sure I’m going to go to much ‘in the room’ training in the future!”

I just wanted to give some feedback on the webcast. I thought it was brilliant. I’ve attended some of your courses in the BPS offices in London but I actually think I preferred webcasting! The online community during the course had some very interesting debates and discussions and this helped me to see conundrums in different ways and to cement in some of the knowledge. I do believe I got more out of the course than I did when attending in person. And it was very convenient – I have a client booked in 15 minutes after the completion of the course so it’s less disruptive.

“The last two days webcast was my first experience of using this method and I must say it was a revelation. I felt like I was having a personal lecture and there were no distractions from other candidates, noise, paper shuffling and over-talking etc. The material was easy to access and visible alongside the lecture or in a separate window and [SDS staff] were quick to respond and very supportive.”


“Webcast is fantastic, really easy, as interactive as if I was in the class, time-saving, be at home, no traveling, saving a lot of money too……what a fabulous learning with the webcast. Thanks!”

“Great to be able to have the training via webcast. Fab day.”

“Thanks to everyone for the webcast. I will recommend this to others. I wondered how I’d cope staring at the computer for two days, but it’s been great and exceeded my expectations. I think having the webcast question section was a big part of this.”

“Pls open more web versions for CPD courses, thanks”

“I’m looking forward to undertaking more courses via webcast, provided by the BPS. Wonderful experience. It went over my expectations as this was my first course.”

“Enjoyed a stimulating two days am already telling others about the value of the Webinar”

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the course. It was excellent, Paul was wonderful, engaging and kept a good pace throughout, he must be exhausted today! I was worried about studying via webcast but it worked really well, I will definitely do it again and recommend your course”

“Thank you for a great two days. I am really grateful that more of the courses are being webcast I know an interactive audience is important but it really helps me to work from home, cutting down on travel costs and working around my family commitments. I do hope all courses will soon be available in this way.”

“I found this webcast presentation both excellent and stimulating and I was immediately able to apply what I had learned. I found that I participated more in the group webcast discussion than I usually do when attending a course. I attribute my increased participation to feeling more relaxed and therefore I was able to fully immerse myself in the course content. There is also the huge financial advantage to consider, of not having to pay for accommodation, travel expenses or the loss of practice fees on the days of travel.”