Ultimate Webcasts!

Run live presentations, seminars, panel discussions on your website

Perfect for any presentation event

GlobalPodium makes highly interactive webcasts that can be live to web or recorded. Perfect for seminars, presentations, panel discussions, town hall-style meetings, or any event where the audience interact with the presenter

CPD Live Seminar Specialists

Perfectly suited to CPD seninars, panel discussions and presentations

CPD Providers transform their business with us

Geography, time, accommodation, cost. All factors that limit the numbers who will attend your event in person. Say goodbye to these limitations and market your event to the whole world.

Live, Recorded, or Both!

Events can be shown live or recorded, or a combination of both!

Presentations: Live AND recorded

Live events are cutting edge, but keeping them going after they have finished is vital. GlobalPodium perfectly recreates the live experience on your website and turns it into a perfect archive when finished

What is GlobalPodium?

Seminars, presentations, conferences, lectures, workshops… or any event that is presenter-led are one of the most prolific activities in any organisation – and is the core product for some. How then do you recreate this presentation scenario on your website, and make this every-day activity part of your business?

This is what we do. Our online presentation platform is unique to us; it’s quick, intuitive and highly interactive, and your events can be broadcast to a regional, national or global audience – live or recorded – remarkably easily and for less than you’d imagine. Everything works entirely on standard web browsers, so there’s nothing for your audience to do except click the link – be they on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Most importantly, we turn presentations into conversations.

How would you like to show your event – live or recorded?

Our live webcasts are cutting edge. Audiences can:

  • See live video of the event
  • Interact with presenters and other audience members in real-time
  • Vote in polls
  • View slides
  • Express sentiment in real-time
  • Access related resources

For more details and requirements, please go here:

Live to Web Information

Recordings of live seminars, or presentations shot direct to camera, our recorded events are dramatically different to typical video recordings. With a synchronised slideshow, a record of questions and audience interaction, and the related resources right there on the page, all combine to give a user experience far in excess of typical video only recording. For more details and requirements, please go here:

Recorded Event Information

GlobalPodium is built specifically for professional development seminars, panel discussions and presentations in mind, but it’s also flexible enough for any presentation based scenario. Presentations aren’t a one-way push of information from the presenter to the audience, they’re conversations, being led by the presenter. GlobalPodium recreates the experience of being at the event, so it can extend virtually any scenario where the audience interacts with presenters. To date it has been used for:

  • Professional Seminars
  • Presentations
  • Town Hall Style Meetings
  • Live Q and A
  • Shareholder Presentations
  • AGM’s
  • Conferences
  • Panel Discussions
  • Guest Lectures
  • Product Launches
  • Book Launches
  • Policy Discussions
  • Family Celebrations

Who uses GlobalPodium ?

Sample 1 – Keynote Presentation
Sample 2 – Panel Discussion
Sample 3 – CPD seminar
Sample 4 – Introducer Presentation
“I’m reluctant to logout, that’s how good it was!”
Dawn H, live seminar
“The live stream just worked perfectly. Hope to see more of this.”
Andrea R, live seminar
“thank you for overcoming your resistance to using this new format – your delivery was excellent as ever. It felt like I was actually there :)”
Katie L, live seminar
“I was worried because I couldn’t make it to London tonight but I needn’t have concerned myself, This format was great. I felt I was with you and all the other participants”
Sue D, live seminar
“Jamie and team, Thank you so much for making this virtual experience possible! I was wanting to go to London to attend live and couldn’t put it together in time financially… so I feel for me this was really appropriate timing. You and your team ROCK!!!”
Julian S, live seminar
“I finally managed to get to a Tony Buzan presentation and I didn’t have to leave the house. Live Streaming is FANTASTIC!!”
Mary H, live seminar
“Great day, not sure i’m going to go to much ‘in the room’ training in the future!”
Martin B, live CPD training
Mary D, live CPD training
“Paul has been excellent – superb subject knowledge, great presenting. I have to feel good about not having to get on a train in the early hours of the morning to get down to London as well!”
Mark W, live CPD training
“Web cast is fantastic, really easy, as interactive as if I was in the class, time saving, be at home, no travelling, saving a lot of money too……what a fabulous leaning with the web cast. Thanks Paul, Cheers!”
Shanika A, live CPD training
“I totally agree – first experience of webcast training and think it is brilliant!”
Karen C, live CPD training
“Excellent two days. Many thanks – I am a new fan of webinars!!”
Maria T, live CPD training
“Never done training this way before – it has exceeded my expectations I have learnt lots and it has been much more constructive than I had anticipated – works for me!”
Tina C, live CPD training
“Thanks Paul, Julia and Olli and everyone on the webcast. I will recommend this to others. I wondered how I’d cope staring at the computer for two days, but it’s been great and exceeded my expectations. I think having the webcast question section was a big part of this.”
Trudie B, live CPD training
“pls open more web versions for CPD courses, thanks”
Shanika A, live CPD training
“I’m looking forward to undertake more courses via webcast, provided by the PBS. Wonderful experience. It went over my expectations as this was my first course.”
Esmeralda S, live CPD training
“Enjoyed a stimulating two days am already telling others about the value of the Webinar”
Julia C, live CPD training