Who are we, and what is our background?

We produce engaging, highly interactive web events, centered around professional video production; we’ve been doing it for a long time, and for a wide range of clients ranging from government agencies at all levels, businesses from tiny to the very large, charities, sports events and lots more besides.

Live, on-demand, stand-alone and as integrated parts to a larger solution: we know what works, and more importantly, we know what doesn’t, and we work to the limitations of the technology; this knowledge lets us deliver the best possible user experience for viewers, and is what the Podium presentation platform is famous for.

Web video is incredible technology, and as producers, we were hooked right from the start. It lets us see into another corner of the world on a personal level – something mainstream broadcast can never do. But… for any presentation or seminar – especially live – just watching isn’t nearly enough; viewers want – and need – to take part and be involved. This is what GlobalPodium does.

Immersive, engaging, interactive, collaborative; all buzzwords we hear on a daily basis, but how do they relate to web video as we know it today? The answer is… not very much. GlobalPodium changes this; it makes video interactive, and in doing so takes the experience of watching on-line to a new level – its like actually being there! Need more convincing? See our testimonials page.