Some Examples Of GlobalPodium in Action

Contextual Consulting are a typical CPD provider; they produce seminars approved by the British Psychological Society. Completing a course gives certification that can count towards annual time quotas for BPS membership. They use GlobalPodium to reach a wider audience – practising psychologists all over the world who value their membership of the BPS.

See the example below to see a snippet of one of their seminars – showing how they reach a global audience of working professionals, all attending the same classroom in an interactive, collaborative experience.

See this example

A quick, informative introduction presentation can suit so many different situations. Done well, it means meetings with prospects are automatically at the next stage – they know your product, they’ve heard you talk about it, and if they’ve continued on then they’re worth more of your time. This sample is 90 seconds long, and leaves the viewer in absolutely no doubt as to the service and professionalism of the product.

Take our 90 second challenge – could you learn this much from a website in that time?

See this example
Organisations spend a lot of money on conferences – venue, food, drink, presenters, and many other expenses too. How then do you continue to get value from this after the event has finished? A simple video of proceedings is a poor substitute, as it doesn’t reflect the experience of being there. Using GlobalPodium can have a variety of benefits that can add huge value to the conference spend:

  • Extending the catchment area when live allows those who couldn’t travel to the venue to attend – and participate – virtually
  • Showing events to viewers after the fact gives longevity, and adds value to the conference investment

How many potential clients didn’t come to you event? There could be any number of reasons; keeping the experience going adds huge value to the conference spend, without costing much. Click below to see an example of a keynote speech.

See this example
Panel Discussions are a favourite way of promoting awareness of an issue or topic. A panel of experts, discussing a topic and responding to questions from the audience can raise awareness of an issue, and highlight areas of clarity or misunderstanding. The usual limitations apply though – the capacity of the venue is finite, and the audience willing to travel to that venue may – or may not – equate to venue capacity. Using GlobalPodium to bring panel discussions to the web has an array of benefits:

  • Vastly increase the watching audience – to an audience of potentially thousands, located anywhere, all able to watch and participate in proceedings
  • Using the archive feature can add longevity to the event – turning it into a detailed record of proceedings, and giving those unable to attend at the time the chance to experience the content. Navigation means they can jump straight to areas of interest – a huge time saver for viewers.
  • Add great value to the investment made to hold the event, by recording proceedings and adding longevity

Click below to see an example of a panel discussion at the Royal Institution in London.

See this example