Creating quality online presentations is hugely beneficial to any organisation. If your content looks professional, viewers will stick around to watch, and the impression you convey will be good. Kit, crew, and bandwidth are the main factors that determine the cost. We make it easy (and transparent) to work out what you need – and what you don’t. If you have preferred video suppliers, no problem. Do you want your event to be live or recorded? Is your event paid entry, or free to your audience?

We try to make it simple… but it’s still complex! Why not contact us to discuss what you need. We’ll always offer a free demo, and we can almost certainly help you define what it is you require.

Which of these sounds right for you?

Live webcast production
Recorded webcast production
Revenue Share (minimal up-front cost)
“I’m reluctant to logout, that’s how good it was!”
Dawn H, live seminar
“The live stream just worked perfectly. Hope to see more of this.”
Andrea R, live seminar
“thank you for overcoming your resistance to using this new format – your delivery was excellent as ever. It felt like I was actually there :)”
Katie L, live seminar
“I was worried because I couldn’t make it to London tonight but I needn’t have concerned myself, This format was great. I felt I was with you and all the other participants”
Sue D, live seminar
“Jamie and team, Thank you so much for making this virtual experience possible! I was wanting to go to London to attend live and couldn’t put it together in time financially… so I feel for me this was really appropriate timing. You and your team ROCK!!!”
Julian S, live seminar
“I finally managed to get to a Tony Buzan presentation and I didn’t have to leave the house. Live Streaming is FANTASTIC!!”
Mary H, live seminar
“Great day, not sure i’m going to go to much ‘in the room’ training in the future!”
Martin B, live CPD training
Mary D, live CPD training
“Paul has been excellent – superb subject knowledge, great presenting. I have to feel good about not having to get on a train in the early hours of the morning to get down to London as well!”
Mark W, live CPD training
“Web cast is fantastic, really easy, as interactive as if I was in the class, time saving, be at home, no travelling, saving a lot of money too……what a fabulous leaning with the web cast. Thanks Paul, Cheers!”
Shanika A, live CPD training
“I totally agree – first experience of webcast training and think it is brilliant!”
Karen C, live CPD training
“Excellent two days. Many thanks – I am a new fan of webinars!!”
Maria T, live CPD training
“Never done training this way before – it has exceeded my expectations I have learnt lots and it has been much more constructive than I had anticipated – works for me!”
Tina C, live CPD training
“Thanks Paul, Julia and Olli and everyone on the webcast. I will recommend this to others. I wondered how I’d cope staring at the comp