The Concept and Key features of GlobalPodium

Live video web-casting is probably the most exciting development on the web today. The ability to broadcast to anyone, on virtually any internet capable device, anywhere in the world, live and in real time has staggering possibilities! But what content do you broadcast? How do you make the best use of it for business, training or government? Every organisation communicates through presentations in some way – clearly, this is the best use of web video… but it’s more than just video that’s needed.

On Demand video offers a rich, vibrant way of communicating that is available 24/7, but is a simple recording of seminars and presentations acceptable? No! Video of events is cumbersome, with no easy method of indexing content – it’s just a lump. Also there is far more to a seminar than just watching, there are the additional materials (slides, presenter bio’s and more), and the reaction of the audience to the presentation. These combine to give the presentation experience, which far more useful than just watching a recording.

GlobalPodium offers a way to use web video – both live and recorded, that is truly effective for business, government, and education, by creating this presentation experience on your website.

Tell me, I’ll forget
Show me, I’ll remember
Involve me, I’ll understand
                              Chinese Proverb

Teachers want to teach, and the classroom experience enables exactly this. Any good teacher knows you teach by involvement, not dictation. On-line learning systems are still in their infancy, notoriously difficult to use, and not always effective. The experience just doesn’t match up to actually being there, and it’s because other platforms assume the information is only flowing one way – it’s not, it’s a conversation.

GlobalPodium is built to address this problem – to create an online environment where viewers are as involved as if they’re there in the room, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. To date, GlobalPodium has been used in a wide range of situations, including CPD seminars, policy discussions at local and national level, international presentations and seminars of various types, and many more besides.

For live events, just watching a video of a typical presentation or seminar is, visually at least, boring. It’s hard to get involved with a video of a person talking, especially when it goes on for 6 or 7 hours a day! How then do you grab audience attention? The answer is to involve them on more levels than just watching – engage and involve them.

Audiences interact with presenters in three ways:

  1. They ask questions: the most obvious form of interaction – and one that’s essential to help presenters clarify their message. This interaction is on a personal level, but for every question asked, it’s likely there are others who thought it, so it’s also representative of the group, and contributes to the discussion. GlobalPodium includes an intuitive yet sophisticated question submission and moderation feature.
  2. They express the opinion as a group. Many decision-makingprocesses are democratic; “what should we do here – option A, B or C?” Taking a poll of opinion is the best way to measure opinion as a group: GlobalPodium includes a powerful, yet simple to use and very quick polling system built in, allowing real-time polls to be set up in seconds.
  3. They heckle and murmer – expressing their view of content as its delivered. This mood, or vibe, is often overlooked in on-line events, but it is very important. We ask every presenter we work with “would you prefer to present to a camera, or a hostile audience of 500?” The answer is the same every time – the 500! The reason? Feedback – presenters don’t like cameras, because they offer no feedback. With a hostile audience, at least they know what they’re up against; they can identify the source of the hostility, and begin to work on turning it round. Presenting to a camera tells the presenter nothing; audience reaction is unknown. This is why we developed The Murmuriser – our unique live sentiment tool, to measure sentiment as content is delivered; providing the presenter and the audience with a great sense of the mood in the room. It is compact, fully customisable, and looks like this:


Providing your on-line audience with a high quality, natural looking view of proceedings is essential. Don’t be fooled by DIY options for shooting your event – if you do it yourself, it will look like you did it yourself. Is that a professional solution? The bar for video production is set extremely high, and our expectations are reinforced every time we turn on the TV. Anything less than a professional approach will cheapen the look of your production and will be a distraction for your audience. We use professional camera operators, who know about subject isolation and framing for maximum effect; and use cutting edge cinematic (large sensor) cameras to video your event, to provide the best visual experience of your event. Watching a full day seminar on an iPad or laptop is a big ask – if any part of the production is less than perfect, it will show in audience drop off rates. If you want proof of this, just see our user feedback.

Do I need a multi-camera shoot for my event? Absolutely not. We ask presenters if they’d like to be part of a large, multi-camera shoot, and quite often they turn pale before saying an emphatic “no”! Presenters and teachers are, mostly, not professional performers. They’re there to teach and inform, not entertain; multi-camera shoots are intimidating and faceless, and will distract presenters from their job. We’ve also found that audiences find constant changing camera angles as distracting. Far better to have fewer high-quality cameras that represent the experience better.

We recommend a minimal, high-quality camera presence – a single camera is often best – to give a realistic experience of the presentation to the on-line audience, as well as being less expensive and less intrusive due to the reduced presence in the room.

GlobalPodium is built entirely on standard web-based technology. Cutting out the jargon, this means seminars and events can be seen in standard web browsers, and on any device that has a standard web browser: smartphones, laptops, desktop are all no problem. Importantly, viewers will never have anything to install before they can participate – it genuinely is click and go. We use only the biggest and best global content delivery networks, so your event will be delivered quickly and smoothly to viewers, no matter where in the world they are.

We regularly host events that are watched in 20 or more countries around the world. Just imagine the market for your seminar business…


“I’m reluctant to logout, that’s how good it was!”
Dawn H, live seminar
“The live stream just worked perfectly. Hope to see more of this.”
Andrea R, live seminar
“thank you for overcoming your resistance to using this new format – your delivery was excellent as ever. It felt like I was actually there :)”
Katie L, live seminar
“I was worried because I couldn’t make it to London tonight but I needn’t have concerned myself, This format was great. I felt I was with you and all the other participants”
Sue D, live seminar
“Jamie and team, Thank you so much for making this virtual experience possible! I was wanting to go to London to attend live and couldn’t put it together in time financially… so I feel for me this was really appropriate timing. You and your team ROCK!!!”
Julian S, live seminar
“I finally managed to get to a Tony Buzan presentation and I didn’t have to leave the house. Live Streaming is FANTASTIC!!”
Mary H, live seminar
“Great day, not sure i’m going to go to much ‘in the room’ training in the future!”
Martin B, live CPD training
Mary D, live CPD training
“Paul has been excellent – superb subject knowledge, great presenting. I have to feel good about not having to get on a train in the early hours of the morning to get down to London as well!”
Mark W, live CPD training
“Web cast is fantastic, really easy, as interactive as if I was in the class, time saving, be at home, no travelling, saving a lot of money too……what a fabulous leaning with the web cast. Thanks Paul, Cheers!”
Shanika A, live CPD training
“I totally agree – first experience of webcast training and think it is brilliant!”
Karen C, live CPD training
“Excellent two days. Many thanks – I am a new fan of webinars!!”
Maria T, live CPD training
“Never done training this way before – it has exceeded my expectations I have learnt lots and it has been much more constructive than I had anticipated – works for me!”
Tina C, live CPD training
“Thanks Paul, Julia and Olli and everyone on the webcast. I will recommend this to others. I wondered how I’d cope staring at the computer for two days, but it’s been great and exceeded my expectations. I think having the webcast question section was a big part of this.”
Trudie B, live CPD training
“pls open more web versions for CPD courses, thanks”
Shanika A, live CPD training
“I’m looking forward to undertake more courses via webcast, provided by the PBS. Wonderful experience. It went over my expectations as this was my first course.”
Esmeralda S, live CPD training
“Enjoyed a stimulating two days am already telling others about the value of the Webinar”
Julia C, live CPD training