Recreating the Presentation Experience

Organisations communicate through presentations, be if for business, government, education, or any other sector. The presentation method of communicating ideas and concepts is universal, and for good reason: it works! It’s a tried and tested method of conveying information to employees, colleagues, customers, students, or anyone who is interested. Capturing this experience, and recreating it online is one of the most valuable things any organisation can do with its website.

PowerPoint is the go-to tool of communicators everywhere… but there’s more to the presentation experience than just the slides! Far more important is the presenter, and the experience they convey – aided by the slides and other resources.

GlobalPodium creates the whole presentation experience on client websites, meaning its available for anyone to view 24/7.

Presentations can be long – typically half an hour or possibly much more. It’s likely your viewers will be busy, and they’ll leave before it’s finished. The ability to navigate directly to points of interest saves huge amounts of their time for your audience; it’s convenient, it keeps them engaged because they’re in control, and makes the whole presentation a better resource that is more likely to get use.

A common approach to getting presentations onto websites has been to combine the presenter and slides in a single video clip. This doesn’t really work; when the slides are full screen, the presenter is minimal – they’re hard to see. When the presenter is full screen and slides minimal they become unreadable – these are both significant compromises and not a professional solution.

It’s far better to keep slides and presenter separate; you see both, just as you would if you were in the room. There’s also more to it than just showing slides; we can show questions that were asked live when the presentation was actually on, a Twitter feed showing related comment on the topic; viewers can not only see the recording of the event, they also get a sense of the event when it was live – a much more professional solution all round.

Not many presentations occur without some sort of resources for the viewer; it might be copies of the slides, associated reading materials, links to related materials, or something else. By adding a resource area into the user view, it completes the “in the room” experience, and adds another level of involvement and engagement for viewers. Its quick and easy to manage, and adds weight to the whole experience.

The GlobalPodium presentation platform is entirely web based – this means it works within any website, which in turn means it works on any device that can show your website – including phones, tablets, laptop, desktops – on any browser. There is never anything for users to install before they can take part in your event.

To access a presentation, viewers simply click a link to the presentation page, and they arrive at your event gateway. It cannot be any more straightforward.

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